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Test a fix script

Test a fix script

Test your fix scripts to ensure they install or update applications as expected.

About this task

Fix scripts add, update, and delete data, including rules, scripts, and property settings.

Note: Do not test fix scripts on production instances.


  1. Open the fix script record.
  2. Review the code design to ensure that it can run more than once on the same system without causing damage.
    This review is different from the Run once option, which determines whether it is necessary to run it more than once on the system. For example, you may write a fix script that adds a role to a property by default. Design the script so that it can run multiple times on the same system without overwriting the existing data, even if it is not necessary to run the script again after the initial installation.
  3. Click the Run Fix Script related link.
    The Run once option is not enforced for tests, however the Flush cache and Unloadable options are enforced.
  4. Confirm how to run the script.
    Proceed in Background Use this option for long-running scripts, or if you do not know the expected execution time.
    Proceed Use this option to run the script immediately and display the results in a confirmation window.
    Successful fix script test
  5. Review the results from the Progress Workers related list, and make any necessary changes. To manually stop a running fix script:
    1. From the Progress Workers related list, select a worker in the Running state.
    2. Select the Cancel job related link.
    Progress Workers results

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