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ServiceNow Studio

ServiceNow Studio

ServiceNow Studio provides an IDE-like interface for application developers to work on custom applications in one centralized location. It offers a simple way to identify and interact with your application's files, create new files as you develop, and modify existing application files in a tabbed environment.

The system opens Studio whenever you edit a scoped application.

Figure 1. Studio
Studio user interface displaying the header, application explorer, and content frame.
With Studio application developers can:
  • See exactly what files comprise their application in the Application Explorer.
  • Add new files to their application using a single Create New interface.
  • Navigate to files using familiar search-by-name or by-type behavior with the Go To dialog.
  • Find code both within and outside their application using the Code Search tool.
  • Operate on multiple files at once using the tabbed interface.
  • Operate on multiple applications at once using multiple studio windows.
  • Publish the application to their own instances or the ServiceNow Store.
Note: Studio is not intended for global applications and may behave unexpectedly if used to edit a global application.
Table 1. Parts of the Studio UI
UI element Description
App Options Menu Contains a list of application-specific options.
  • Create New Application file
  • Publish
  • Configure Application
  • Switch Applications
Application name The header displays the name of the currently-selected application.
Go To Search for application files by name or type.
Code Search

Search within application files for a text string. Search options include:

  • Restrict search to a particular table
  • Include all applications
Application Explorer
Collapse All Collapses all nodes in the application explorer.
Expand All Expand all nodes in the application explorer.
Data Model > Tables

A list of application tables.

Click on a table name to display and edit it in the content frame.

Access Control

A list of application access elements such as:.

  • Roles
  • Access Controls

Click on a record name to display and edit it in the content frame.

A list of application navigational elements such as:
  • Application Menus
  • Modules
  • Application Menus (Mobile)
  • Modules (Mobile)

Click on a record name to display and edit it in the content frame.

Content frame
Welcome to Studio A list of keyboard shortcuts.

Each tab contains a specific application file record identified by the record name and file type.

Click on a tab to display and edit the record.

A tab with a blue circle icon indicates the record contains unsaved changes.