Applications represent packaged solutions for delivering services and managing business processes.

The ServiceNow platform offers several standard applications such as Incident, Problem, and Change. Administrators can also develop and manage custom applications to meet business needs. When building applications on the ServiceNow platform, application developers can take advantage of existing platform features such as security access controls, workflow, reporting, and notifications as well as existing public data such as user and task records.

The System Applications > Applications module lists the apps and Update Sets on your ServiceNow instance.

  • The Develop tab lists custom apps on your instance. In addition, you can use the tab to create and update (edit) custom apps.
  • The Downloads tab lists ServiceNow Store apps and Remote apps that were not created by your organization.
  • The Updates tab lists updates sets that are available for the apps on the instance.
Note: The system determines whether an app is created by your organization by comparing the vendor_prefix of the app with the vendor_prefix of the instance. The vendor_prefix is determined by the sys_properties record (as described in Namespace identifier).