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Edit a UI action

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Edit a UI action

You can edit an existing UI action or create a new one.

Before you begin

Role required: ui_action_admin or admin

About this task

You can add UI actions to tables and database views that are in the same scope as the UI action and tables that allow UI actions from another application scope to run on them.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > UI Actions.
  2. Click New or open an existing record.
  3. Define the UI action by completing the fields.
    You may need to configure the form to see all the fields.
    Table 1. Editing UI actions
    Field Description
    Name Defines the text that appears on the button, link, or context menu item.
    Table Defines the table on which the UI action is available. By default, the UI action also appears on tables that extend the selected table (for example, Task actions appear on the Incident table).

    Select Global to make the action available on all tables.

    Order Defines the order in which the UI action appears. The order applies to buttons from left to right and to menu actions from top to bottom.
    Action name Defines a name to use when referencing the UI action in scripts.
    Active Enables the UI action when selected. To disable a UI action, clear the check box.
    Show insert Shows a button on new records that have not been inserted.
    Show update Shows a button on existing records.
    Client The UI action executes its script in the user's browser, not on the server. When enabled, the Onclick field appears above the Condition field.
    Form button Puts a button on a form.
    Form context menu Puts a context menu item on a form (right-click the form header).
    Form link Puts a link in the Related Links section of a form.
    List banner button Puts a button in the banner of a list.
    List bottom button Puts a button at the bottom of a list.
    List context menu Puts a context menu item on list rows (right-click a row in a list).
    List choice Puts an item in the action choice list at the bottom of a list.
    List link Puts a link in the Related Links section at the bottom of a list.
    Comments Provides descriptive content regarding this UI action.
    Hint Defines the text that appears when a user points to the UI action control.
    Onclick The name of the JavaScript function to run when the UI action is executed. The function is defined in the Script field.
    Condition Defines the conditions that restrict when a UI action appears.
    Script Defines the script to run when the UI action is executed.
    Requires role Restricts the roles that have access to this UI control.
    Related lists on the form view:
    UI Action Visibility Specifies other views of the form that the UI action applies to.
    Versions Shows all versions of the UI action. Use this list to compare versions or to revert to a previous version.
  4. Click Submit or Update.
    Note: If the UI action is enabled to run on the client side, wrap it in a function. Otherwise, the contents of the Script field run when the page loads.