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Activity formatter

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Activity formatter

The activity formatter provides an easy way to track items not saved with a field in the record, for example, journal fields like comments and work notes.

The activity formatter is enabled by default on the Task [task] table and other tables that extend the Task table, such as the Incident [incident] table. It is also enabled on the Approvals [sysapproval_approver] table.

You can filter the content that appears on the activity formatter and participate in the record feeds on the record. You can create an activity formatter for any form and configure properties that control what fields appear in the formatter.

In UI16, the activity formatter shows updates in real time so you can see the latest information without refreshing the form. User presence enables you to see when other users are entering comments.

Figure 1. UI16 activity formatter
UI16 activity formatter
Figure 2. UI11 activity formatter
UI11 activity formatter