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Use the ACL configuration watcher

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Use the ACL configuration watcher

Use the ACL configuration watcher after you elevate to security administrator.

Before you begin

Role required: security_admin

Elevate to a privileged role


  1. Open an ACL that is a record-type ACL.
  2. Perform an action on the ACL, such as modifying it, or selecting an option from the context menu like Insert.
  3. If you modified any values on the Access Control form, right-click the header and select Save or click Update or Delete.

    The Security Rules window appears. The system did not yet perform the database action on the ACL, so the changes are not yet saved.

    These are examples of security rules on the Visual Task Board application's Private Task [vtb_task] table. See ACL configuration watcher for a description of the items on this window.

    Deactivating an ACL
    Adding an ACL
    Deleting an ACL
    Modifying an ACL
  4. Just as with the execution plan, you can click Show all to show all related ACLs, including those that are overridden and generic ACLs that apply to all records, or click Show Effective to show only the immediate ACLs related to the one you are viewing.
  5. Hover your mouse over any of the ACLs to see a description.